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About Tjitske Akkerman

I am an assistant professor in the department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, where I also received my MA (cum laude) and PhD. I am specialized in political theory and in political comparative research. I have published various books and articles about the history of democracy, democratization and democratic theory. I have also been involved in research and evaluations of various initiatives to innovate democratic practices in the Netherlands, and as a visiting fellow at the ANU/Canberra in Australia.
The main focus of my research is on nationalist and populist politics, propagated by radical populist parties. Comparative analyses of the ideologies, electoral successes, strategies and the policy impact of radical right parties in Western Europe are central to my research and teaching.
For my research project about the policy impact of radical right parties in the domain of immigration and integration I received in 2013 The Gordon Smith and Vincent Wright Memorial Prize.


Present Political Science, University of Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam
Present Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam

Radical Right Parties (8)

Populism (5)

Democracy (9)

Deliberative democracy (9)