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Stabilization of Aqueous Electromeric Nano-Domains
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience (2011)
  • Tjalling Ypma, Western Washington University
  • George Czerlinski, Western Washington University
In a recent paper we described the creation of electromeric nano-domains in water, based on the mechano-chemical generation of radicals, with the produced electron distributing over those water molecules whose combined vibrational energy breaks an O–H bond. The essentially thread-like domains thus produced undergo a two-fold stabilization process, one electronic and one magnetic. Electronic stabilization results from the formation of longer-lived singlet excited states while magnetic stabilization changes the behavior of the electron and facilitates coherent interaction of aggregates of domains. This electronic stabilization involves one of two alternative mechanisms, which differ from two previously proposed mechanisms by accounting for the possibility that the energy of the radicals alone is insufficient to produce long-lived domains. The difference between the two new models lies in which of the radicals is stabilized. We propose tests involving NO-derivatives, pH measurements and photometric observations to distinguish between these possible mechanisms and to obtain precise values for the relevant constants. Magnetic stabilization is due to the action of the geomagnetic field, as shown by pH experiments of Smith, extending earlier work by Foerster on non-coherent systems. This magnetic field furthers cooperation of nano-domains and their coherence, which together with electronic stabilization and the imprint of electromagnetic frequencies possibly extends the lifetimes of singlet excited states from around 10−9 s to 1010 s. These domains with their altered properties may be viewed as new chemical compounds, behaving like the smallest units of metals with a single free electron.
  • Electromery,
  • High potency,
  • Kinetics,
  • Mechano-chemical effect,
  • Radicals,
  • Water clusters
Publication Date
August, 2011
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Tjalling Ypma and George Czerlinski. "Stabilization of Aqueous Electromeric Nano-Domains" Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience Vol. 8 Iss. 8 (2011)
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