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E-book Use and Value in the Humanities: Scholars’ Practices and Expectations
Staff publications, research, and presentations
  • Tina E. Chrzastowski, Santa Clara University
  • Lynn N. Wiley
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American Library Association
This research is a part of Values, Outcomes, and Return on Investment of Academic Libraries (“Lib-Value”), a three-year study funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services IMLS grant # LG-06-09-0152-09. We gratefully acknowledge this support. In addition, the authors wish to thank Jean-Louise Zancanella, our graduate research assistant on this project, for her careful work. Portions of the survey results were presented at the Library Assessment Conference in Seattle, Washington, in August 2014 and will be published in those proceedings; other prepublication presentations took place at the Charleston Conference in November 2013 and 2014 (no proceedings publications are available; this paper represents the sole published culmination of this research).

© Copyright 2015, American Library Association.

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Chrzastowski, Tina E. and Lynn N. Wiley. 2015. “E-book Use and Value in the Humanities: Scholars’ Practices and Expectations.” Library Resources and Technical Services, v. 59 no.4, p. 172-86.