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Information sources in surface and colloid chemistry
Staff publications, research, and presentations
  • Tina E. Chrzastowski, Santa Clara University
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The basic principles and concepts of surface and colloid chemistry are of concern to many science disciplines, including chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, biology and medicine. These same prinicples are used in the composition and production of consumer items such as plastics, glues, aerosols, creams, cosmetics and dairy products. The chemical, petroleum, mining, electronics and computer industries also employ surface science prinicples. This borad, interdisciplinary subject is represented to some degree in every library's science collection. This paper presents a brief background on surface and colloid chemistry and cites general sources in sections covering textbooks, monographic series, conferences, journals, indexes, current awareness tools, online databases and organizations.
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Chrzastowski, Tina E., 1989. “Information sources in surface and colloid chemistry.” Science and Technology Libraries 9(3), p. 75-96.