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The Influence of Perception on the Search for Meaning in Counseling
Wisconsin Counseling Journal (2008)
  • Timothy Thomason, Northern Arizona University

Human perception is a complex process in which raw sensations are processed by the brain and actively interpreted. The interpretations we give to our sensations are often distorted and inaccurate, and optical and auditory illusions demonstrate that human perception is a creative act. The fact that we have the ability to interpret our perceptions and experiences in a variety of ways, including either positive or negative, means that to some extent we create our own experience of the world. This has important implications for counseling and psychotherapy.

  • perception,
  • counseling,
  • narrative
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Timothy Thomason. "The Influence of Perception on the Search for Meaning in Counseling" Wisconsin Counseling Journal Vol. 22 (2008)
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