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Introducing the Journal of Direct
Journal of Direct Instruction
  • Timothy A. Slocum, Utah State University
  • Nancy Merchand-Martella
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Direct Instruction continues to evolve: New programs are developed, existing programs are refined, new models of implementation are designed, new ways of enhancing effectiveness are discovered, new teachers learn about the power of DI, and more children experience learning and success. The Association for Direct Instruction (ADI) exists for the purpose of contributing to the evolution and expansion of Direct Instruction. One of ADI’s important contributions is promotion of communication among researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and others involved with Direct Instruction through ADI’s journal. ADI’s journal must change to keep pace with the ever changing needs of the DI community
Citation Information
Slocum, T.A. & Marchand-Martella, N. (2001). Introducing the Journal of Direct Instruction. Journal of Direct Instruction, 1, 1-2.