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Unpublished Paper
Community Health Centers as a Model for Health Care Reform
ExpressO (2013)
  • Timothy Li
This Note evaluates Community Health Centers (“CHCs”) as a model for health care reform by considering access, cost, and effectiveness of health care delivered through CHCs, as well as their system of corporate governance. This Note proposes that every medically underserved community adopt a CHC-based model to function as a health care safety net. Not only should the federal government increase support for CHCs, but CHCs should also continue to raise funds from government sources, private foundations, and community supporters. Even though alternative proposals for health care reform may exist, those proposals do not provide an adequate remedy to increase access to primary health care for people in poverty, people without health insurance, and people in medically underserved areas. CHCs, by contrast, provide both an essential health care safety net for the medically underserved population and an opportunity for health education and preventive health to reduce the overall cost of health care for these people.
  • Health Care Reform,
  • Affordable Care Act,
  • Community Health Centers,
  • Primary Care Physicians
Publication Date
June 4, 2013
Citation Information
Timothy Li. "Community Health Centers as a Model for Health Care Reform" ExpressO (2013)
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