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Forecasting MBT technologies using DEA and LR
  • Yonghee Cho
  • Timothy R. Anderson, Portland State University
First, this paper explores Main Battle Tank (MBT) data set with different
statistical methods in order to decide the most appropriate variables as
reliable  yardsticks  in  applying  technology  forecasting  (TF)  using  data
envelopment analysis (TFDEA) technique. It then applies TF using DEA
method to forecast MBT technologies. This article attempts to predict
technology  development  year  of  MBT  commercialised  from  1941  to
1994. This article presents the processes of TFDEA in detail and identifies
some  issues  to  search  for  appropriate  input  and  output  variables  to
forecast MBT technologies. The purpose of this study is to address some
issues and identify an appropriate data to predict future trends of MBT
technologies  when  using  TFDEA  and  multiple  linear  regression  tools.
Finally,  the  study  provides  an  understanding  of  the  technological
advances being sought in MBT technologies and information for use in
making decisions regarding development strategy.
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Yonghee Cho and Timothy R. Anderson. "Forecasting MBT technologies using DEA and LR" TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Vol. 29 Iss. 4 (2017) p. 353 - 369
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