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The complexity of ODDnA
The Journal of Symbolic Logic (2000)
  • Richard Beigel, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • William Gasarch, University of Maryland
  • Martin Kummer, Technische Universität Chemnitz
  • Timothy H. McNicholl, University of Dallas
  • Frank Stephan, Universität Heidelberg
For a fixed set A. the number of queries to A needed in order to decide a set S is a measure of S's complexity. We consider the complexity of certain sets defined in terms of A:
and, for m > 2,
where #nA. (x1….. xn) = A(x1) + A(xn)(We identify  with , where χA is the characteristic function of A.)
If A is a nonrecursive semirecursive set or if A is a jump, we give tight bounds on the number of queries needed in order to decide ODDnA and MODmnA:
• ODDnA can be decided with n parallel queries to A, but not with n − 1.
• ODDnA can be decided with ⌈log(n + 1)⌉ sequential queries to A but not with ⌈log(n + 1)⌉ − 1.
• MODmnA can be decided with ⌈n/m⌉ + ⌊n/m⌋ parallel queries to A but not with ⌈n/m⌉ + ⌊n/m⌋ − 1.
• MODmnA can be decided with ⌈log(⌈n/m⌉ + ⌊n/m⌋ + 1)⌉ sequential queries to A but not with ⌈log(⌈n/m⌉ + ⌊n/m⌋ + 1)⌉ − 1.
The lower bounds above hold for nonrecursive recursively enumerable sets A as well. (Interestingly, the lower bounds for recursively enumerable sets follow by a general result from the lower bounds for semirecursive sets.)
In particular, every nonzero truth-table degree contains a set A such that ODDnA cannot be decided with n − 1 parallel queries to A. Since every truth-table degree also contains a set B such that ODDnB can be decided with one query to B, a set's query complexity depends more on its structure than on its degree.
For a fixed set A,
Q(nA) = {SS can be decided with n sequential queries to A}.
Q (nA) = {S : S can be decided with n parallel queries to A}.
We show that if A is semirecursive or recursively enumerable, but is not recursive, then these classes form non-collapsing hierarchies:
• Q(0,A) ⊂ Q (1, A) ⊂ Q(2, A) ⊂ …
Q (0, A) ⊂ Q (1, A) ⊂ Q (2, A) ⊂ …
The same is true if A is a jump.

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Copyright 2000. Association for Symbolic Logic
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Richard Beigel, William Gasarch, Martin Kummer, Timothy H. McNicholl, et al.. "The complexity of ODDnA" The Journal of Symbolic Logic Vol. 65 Iss. 1 (2000) p. 1 - 18
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