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A New Era For Energy in Mexico? The 2013-14 Energy Reform
Texas International Law Journal (2016)
  • Tim R Samples, University of Georgia
The 2013-14 Energy Reform is arguably Mexico’s most significant structural change in the last fifty years. As the fiscal backbone of the Mexican state, the energy sector is critically important to Mexico’s future. But the outcome of the Energy Reform also has powerful implications for North America and global energy markets. This article analyzes key legal issues in Mexico’s current Energy Reform, with a particular emphasis on newly established contracting frameworks for private investment. In doing so, this article considers Mexico’s approach within the greater context of natural resource development priorities around the world, which often involve important tradeoffs between sovereignty and government revenues.
  • Foreign Investment,
  • Mexico,
  • Latin America,
  • Pemex,
  • Energy
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Tim R Samples. "A New Era For Energy in Mexico? The 2013-14 Energy Reform" Texas International Law Journal Vol. 50 Iss. SI (2016)
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