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Determining top managements' "value": Pre/post acquisition
Bond Business School Publications
  • Timothy Kiessling, Bond University
  • Michael G. Harvey, Bond University
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Journal Article
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Kiessling, T., & Harvey, M. G. (2008). Determining top managements' "value": Pre/post acquisition. Journal of business and management, 14(1), 5-24.

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2008 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 1503

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Employing an acquisition is one of the primary methods of growth utilized by organizations. In 2005, an estimated $2.9 trillion worth of acquisitions were made globally. One of the critical factors in valuing an acquisition is the determination of the value of intangible assets held by the company. This paper will explore the value of one of these key intangible assets that the top management team maintains in regard to pre and post-acquisition performance of the organization.
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Timothy Kiessling and Michael G. Harvey. "Determining top managements' "value": Pre/post acquisition" (2008)
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