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Global organizational control: A new role for inpatriates
Bond Business School Publications
  • Timothy Kiessling, Bond University
  • Michael Harvey, Bond University
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Journal Article
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Kiessling. T. & Harvey, M. (2006). Global organizational control: A new role for inpatriates. Multinational business review, 14(2), 1-27.

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© Copyright St. Louis University, 2006

As organizations have expanded globally, control mechanisms utilized in the past may need to be supplemented with a new type of personnel, that of the inpatriate. Expatriates were the most widely used staffing for corporate control, but due to various issues, a complementary set of employees to facilitate corporate goals could be utilized. Inpatriation, as a practical and conceptual means to augment expatriation, is discussed, compared with, and contrasted to, expatriation. This research explores the use of inpatriates in facilitating global control.
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Timothy Kiessling and Michael Harvey. "Global organizational control: A new role for inpatriates" (2006)
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