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Exploring knowledge management to organizational performance outcomes in a transitional economy
Business papers (2009)
  • Timothy Kiessling, Bond University
  • R. Glenn Richey
  • Juan Meng
  • Marina Dabic
The Eastern European Economies offer many major business opportunities but due to the transitional nature of their economies, these are highly complex and fraught with the socialist cultural disposition. There is a dearth of research into the nature of these opportunities/complexities, especially in regard to knowledge management and subsequent organizational outcomes. Our study of firms in Croatia suggests that knowledge management positively affects organizational outcomes of firm innovation, product improvement and employee improvement. Moreover, our empirical research illustrates the importance of the management of knowledge and not just the presence of knowledge as our model results indicate insignificant results between employee knowledge-based capability and the organizational outcomes.
  • knowledge as a competitive tool,
  • knowledge management,
  • knowledge acquisition,
  • Eastern Europe
Publication Date
October 1, 2009
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Kiessling,T., Glenn, R. R., Meng, J. & Dabic, M. (2009). Exploring knowledge management to organized performance outcomes in a transitional economy. Journal of world business, 44(4), 421-433.

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2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 1503

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Timothy Kiessling, R. Glenn Richey, Juan Meng and Marina Dabic. "Exploring knowledge management to organizational performance outcomes in a transitional economy" Business papers (2009)
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