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Critical Essays on Don DeLillo
  • Tim Engles, Eastern Illinois University
New and reprinted critical essays and popular press reviews focused on the work of United States novelist Don DeLillo, whose novels portray the influences of mass culture, corporatism, and technology on daily life.


  • Hugh Ruppersburg and Tim Engles, "Introduction," 1-27.
  • Lehmann-Haupt, Christopher. “Old Story, Fresh Language” [Review of Americana]. 31-33.
  • Algren, Nelson. “A Waugh in Shoulder Padding” [Review of End Zone]. 34-36.
  • O’Hara, J.D. “Your Number Is Up” [Review of Ratner’s Star]. 37-38.
  • Koch, Stephen. “End Game” [Review of Players]. 39-41.
  • O’Hara, J.D. “A Pro’s Puckish Prose” [Review of Amazons]. 42-44.
  • Bosworth, David. “The Fiction of Don DeLillo” [Review of The Names]. 45-50.
  • Johnson, Diane. “Conspirators” [Review of White Noise]. 51-55.
  • Will, George F. “Shallow Look at the Mind of an Assassin” [Review of Libra]. 56-57.
  • Cain, William E. “Making Meaningful Worlds: Self and History in Libra” [Review of Libra]. 58-69.
  • Menand, Louis. “Market Report” [Review of Mao II]. 70-75.
  • Dirda, Michael. “The Blast Felt Around the World” [Review of Underworld]. 76-82.
  • Cowart, David. “For Whom Bell Tolls: Don DeLillo’s Americana.” 83-96.
  • LeClair, Thomas. “Deconstructing the Logos: Don DeLillo’s End Zone.” 97-114.
  • Allen, Glen Scott. “The End of Pynchon’s Rainbow: Postmodern Terror and Paranoia in DeLillo’s Ratner’s Star.” 115-134.
  • Osteen, Mark. “Marketing Obsession: The Fascinations of Running Dog.” 135-56.
  • Bryant, Paula. “Discussing the Untellable: Don DeLillo’s The Names.” 157-70.
  • Engles, Tim. “‘Who are you, literally?’: Fantasies of the White Self in Don DeLillo’s White Noise.” 171-95.
  • Wilcox, Leonard. “Baudrillard, DeLillo’s White Noise, and the end of Heroic Narrative.” 196-212.
  • Millard, Bill. “The Fable of the Ants: Myopic Interactions in DeLillo’s Libra.” 213-28.
  • Mott, Christopher M. “Libra and the Subject of History.” 229-44.
  • Bizzini, Silvia Caporale. “Can the Intellectual Still Speak? The Example of Don DeLillo’s Mao II.” 245-57.
  • Duvall, John N. “Excavating the Underworld of Race and Waste in Cold War History: Baseball, Aesthetics, and Ideology.” 258-81.
  • Knight, Peter. “Everything Is Connected: Underworld‘s Secret History of Paranoia.” 282-301.
  • Saltzman, Arthur. “Awful Symmetries in Don DeLillo’s Underworld.” 302-16.
  • Don DeLillo,
  • White Noise,
  • postmodernism,
  • postmodern literature
Publication Date
Hugh Ruppersburg and Tim Engles
G. K. Hall
Citation Information
Ruppersburg, Hugh and Tim Engles. Critical Essays on Don DeLillo. Boston: G. K. Hall, 2000.