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Keeping the wind in the sails of a workshop program - learning and motivating
  • Tim Miller, Humboldt State University
  • Sarah Fay Philips, Humboldt State University
  • Victoria Bruner
Find out about the development and structure of a highly successful campus-wide drop-in workshop series: SkillShops. Learn how facilitators use Keller’s ARCS Model of motivation (attention, relevance, confidence and satisfaction) to design workshops that are effective at engaging student learning in a co-curricular environment. The SkillShop structure motivates students to design their own learning that is relevant to them and connects to their coursework, personal and professional growth, and independence as a learner.
  • arcs,
  • motivation,
  • workshop,
  • library,
  • library instruction
Publication Date
Spring March 23, 2017
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Tim Miller, Sarah Fay Philips and Victoria Bruner. "Keeping the wind in the sails of a workshop program - learning and motivating" (2017)
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