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Citations & Plagiarism Workshop Presentation & Lesson Plan Outline
Humboldt State University (2016)
  • Tim Miller, Humboldt State University
This presentation is for a workshop on the proper citation of sources. The workshop focuses on the concepts behind citations, rather than the mechanics of specific styles. The presentation is designed to be used with a touchscreen display monitor (e.g. Mondopad) in conjunction with a browser-based screen annotation tool (e.g. the Web Paint Chrome extension). However, it is also designed to render well on tablets and smartphones.

This presentation includes a link to the Genius page for Public Enemy's "Fight the Power," which is used to demonstrate the utility of including citations in academic work using interactive visuals and audio. The heavy use of sampling, lyrical references and visual imagery in the song can be compared to the use of in-text citations and reference list entries in academic papers. To explore the Genius page, visit:

Note: this presentation is broken down into three parts because it contains many slides and is easier for browsers (and annotation tools) to handle in smaller parts.
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Publication Date
Spring February 1, 2016
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Tim Miller. "Citations & Plagiarism Workshop Presentation & Lesson Plan Outline" Humboldt State University (2016)
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