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Citations & Plagiarism SkillShop handout
Citations & Plagiarism (2016)
  • Tim Miller, Humboldt State University
This handout is used for an interdisciplinary Citations & Plagiarism SkillShop- part of a series of workshops centered around research, academic, technology, life, and professional skills. This 50-minute workshop is intended for beginners with little or no knowledge of plagiarism or using citations. The topics discussed include: defining what plagiarism is, the proper use of citations, how to properly quote and paraphrase, and resources for style guides.

  • citations,
  • plagiarism,
  • workshop,
  • handout,
  • information literacy
Publication Date
Spring February 10, 2016
Citation Information
Tim Miller. "Citations & Plagiarism SkillShop handout" Citations & Plagiarism (2016)
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