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Sn/Ge(111) Surface Charge-Density-Wave Phase Transition
Physical Review Letters (2000)
Angle-resolved photoemission has been utilized to study the surface electronic structure of 13monolayer of Sn on Ge(111) in both the room-temperature (3√×3√)R30° phase and the low-temperature ( 3×3) charge-density-wave phase. The results reveal a gap opening around the ( 3×3) Brillouin zone boundary, suggesting a Peierls-like transition despite the well-documented lack of Fermi nesting. A highly sensitive electronic response to doping by intrinsic surface defects is the cause for this unusual behavior, and a detailed calculation illustrates the origin of the ( 3×3) symmetry.
Publication Date
October 23, 2000
Citation Information
"Sn/Ge(111) Surface Charge-Density-Wave Phase Transition" Physical Review Letters Vol. 85 Iss. 17 (2000)
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