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Formation and Interaction of Self-Assembled Pentacene Structures on Monolayer Graphene
Science Letters Journal (2015)
  • Rui He
  • Fabio Carta
  • M. Ashan
  • K. Bader
  • Conor Delaney, University of Northern Iowa
  • Tim Kidd, University of Northern Iowa
  • Benjamin Beck, University of Northern Iowa
  • Christopher M Reilly
  • Ioannis Kymissis
  • Aron Pinczuk
  • Michael S Roth
Pentacene with nominal thickness of one monolayer was thermally evaporated on monolayer graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition on Cu foil and transferred onto SiO2 substrate. We found that the growth of pentacene on graphene is highly nonuniform with the formation of pentacene clusters. The 2D Raman peak of graphene displays a blueshift after the evaporation of pentacene, which suggests that the graphene layer is subject to a compressive strain after pentacene deposition. The compressive strain is nonuniform, as evidenced by the broadened distribution of the 2D peak frequency after evaporation of pentacene. Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations confirm that the adsorbed pentacene layer is highly nonuniform with richly varying structures. The molecules closest to the graphene are flat but are rolled and tilted considerably when farther away. The simulations also help elucidate bulk dynamical and strain effects on the graphene, revealing compressive strain on the order of 0.2% for small isolated clusters that lie flat on the graphene surface.
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Rui He, Fabio Carta, M. Ashan, K. Bader, et al.. "Formation and Interaction of Self-Assembled Pentacene Structures on Monolayer Graphene" Science Letters Journal Vol. 4 (2015) p. 199
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