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Emergence of Long Range One-Dimensional Nanostructures in a Disordered Two-Dimensional System: Mn-Doped Ti1+δS2
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2011)
  • Andrew J. Stollenwerk, University of Northern Iowa
  • Aaron O'Shea, University of Northern Iowa
  • Erik Wolter, University of Northern Iowa
  • Michael Roth, University of Northern Iowa
  • Laura H. Strauss, University of Northern Iowa
  • Tim Kidd, University of Northern Iowa
Multiple microscopic techniques have been employed to study Mn-intercalated Ti1+δS2 at different length scales. The introduction of Mn intercalates resulted in the formation of two distinct types of one-dimensional structures; both exhibited extremely high aspect ratios, with lengths exceeding hundreds of micrometers. The smaller of the two features were only a few nanometers wide, while the larger one-dimensional structures had widths on the order of magnitude of one hundred nanometers. The one-dimensional structures were detected on samples with a range of Mn-doping levels but were especially common in samples with a 15% Mn-doping concentration. In these samples, a high density of parallel linear structures could be found at lengths ranging from the nanometer to micrometer scale. One-dimensional structures were never found in Ti1+δS2 samples without Mn dopants. We utilized Monte Carlo simulations to better understand these structures, which arise from interactions between the two species of intercalates in the system: Mn ions and excess Ti ions bound to intercalation sites. While the arrangement of intercalated ions has no long-range order, interactions between various nanoscale domains leads to the formation of domain-wall-like structures extending over macroscopic distances.
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Andrew J. Stollenwerk, Aaron O'Shea, Erik Wolter, Michael Roth, et al.. "Emergence of Long Range One-Dimensional Nanostructures in a Disordered Two-Dimensional System: Mn-Doped Ti1+δS2" The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Vol. 116 Iss. 1 (2011) p. 764 - 769
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