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About Thorvald Grung Moe

I have been with the Levy Institute as a Visiting Scholar since September 2011. I am also a Senior Adviser in Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway), where I have been working since 1985. I have held a wide range of positions there, covering topics such as exchange control, financial stability, monetary policy, payment systems policy and strategic planning. I was department director for the financial stability report and also an observer from the central bank on the board of the FSA Norway. I participated as an observer in the CEBS (Committee of European Banking Supervisors)from the start. Before joining the central bank, I worked at the World Bank in the US and at the Ministry of Finance in Norway. I have consulted widely with the IMF in the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe and has published books and articles on banking regulation, the financial crisis and how to resolve cross-border banking crisis. My recent working papers on Levy deals with the regulation of shadow banking and the interface between financial stability and monetary policy.


Present Faculty Member, Norges Bank