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Job Creation
Sociology of Work: An Encyclopedia (2013)
  • Thomas Janoski, University of Kentucky
  • David Luke, University of Kentucky
Job creation can be loosely defined as increasing the number of jobs in the labor market. Job creation can occur in a number of ways, including job creation by the state through active labor market policies, job creation through Keynesian demand management, job creation through investment, and “natural” job creation within firms. Active labor market policies (ALMP), in general, are government measures that seek to improve the functioning of the labor market and are particularly directed at the unemployed. ALMPs generally fall into three categories: (1) job placement, matching unemployed workers with job vacancies and providing advice on interview and résumé building skills; (2) job training to help unemployed workers gain more marketable skills and broaden their options and opportunities for employment; and (3) direct job creation, through either private employment subsidies or the creation of public-sector jobs, which is often a short-term measure. Typically, the United States spends less...
  • jobs,
  • work force,
  • sociology,
  • sociology of work
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Vicki Smith
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Thomas Janoski and David Luke. "Job Creation" Thousand Oaks, CASociology of Work: An Encyclopedia (2013)
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