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Share a Bike, Get a Ride: GIS Development of Bikeshare-Systems
ESRI International User Conference (2012)
  • Thomas Wuerzer, Boise State University

Presentation of conceptual development of bikeshare systems to create healthy cities and economic development using GIS and optimization modeling. In a collaborative effort between Boise State University and the Central District Health Department, we developed a GIS driven approach to allocate and rank stations. The paper demonstrates methodologies and policy recommendations for a bikeshare system. We apply a feasibility analysis as first level in this allocation/location problem. This contains an evaluation of the built environment and creation of a composite measure to identify preferred areas. Second, a GIS based optimization model evaluates this measure and creates automatically a network of proposed locations. The model considers the amount and size of possible stations due to funding opportunities and creates scenarios for later policy discussion. We conclude with findings for Boise, ID, but also set emphasis on the model's transferability to other cities considering a bikeshare-system.

Publication Date
July 25, 2012
Citation Information
Thomas Wuerzer. "Share a Bike, Get a Ride: GIS Development of Bikeshare-Systems" ESRI International User Conference (2012)
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