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Firebird: GIS Driven Mobile Dispatch Control for Emergency Services
ESRI 30th International User Conference (2010)
  • Raj Chundur
  • Thomas Wuerzer, University of Cincinnati

Mobile dispatch support with integrated mapping is the main task for CagisFirebird.

Firebird intercepts dispatch calls from the fire department's MDC. Its processing-logic extracts vital information from the dispatch message, geocodes addresses, and locates the incident on a mapping interface. Equipped with GPS support, Firebird presents the emergency unit's current location and suggests routing to the incident. Its internal database holds preplans, emergency handbook, contacts, radio frequencies and phone numbers. Firebird is built for touch screen tough books in fire trucks and just finalized a four month field test.

The presentation focuses on ArcEngine based software developed by the Cincinnati Area GIS (CAGIS) consortium, founded and maintained by the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio. We will present the success story of CagisFirebird with its architecture and the various tasks it has supported with the fire department of Forrest Park, Ohio.

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Raj Chundur and Thomas Wuerzer. "Firebird: GIS Driven Mobile Dispatch Control for Emergency Services" ESRI 30th International User Conference (2010)
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