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CagisAIM Revamped - New Generation Inventory Asset Management
ESRI 30th International User Conference (2010)
  • Thomas Wuerzer, University of Cincinnati
  • Jay Erndt

The presentation focuses on the Asset Inventory Management (AIM) software developed by the Cincinnati Area GIS (CAGIS) founded and maintained by the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio. CagisAIM's modular structure allows assessment and management of inventory due to its base-module and project specific plugins. Built on ESRI ArcEngine's architecture these plugins coordinate mapping and control the business-logic for hydrants, culverts, poles and signs. During the past three years, AIM supported successfully 16 plugins/projects in more than six departments/ agencies.

With "CagisAIM revamped for 9.3", we introduce new architecture: AIM is able to run multiple plugins parallel, integration of webservices, file based geodatabases, and use of Citrix. This enables i.e. Hamilton County Engineers to survey 15 different assessments at once with one engineer in the field.

We will present the success story of CagisAIM with its theory and architecture, and the various tasks it has supported.

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Thomas Wuerzer and Jay Erndt. "CagisAIM Revamped - New Generation Inventory Asset Management" ESRI 30th International User Conference (2010)
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