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Knowledge-Assisted Reconstruction of the Human Rib Cage and Lungs
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
  • Christopher M. Koehler, Wright State University
  • Thomas Wischgoll, Wright State University - Main Campus
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Computer-aided disease detection software effectively helps medical professionals use PA (posterior-anterior) and lateral (side) x-ray images to detect diseases such as lung cancer at early stages, which can be quite difficult. Typically, such software focuses only on PA x-ray images and uses image-processing and soft-computation techniques to identify potentially diseased areas. There's been little focus on extracting knowledge from the x-rays and using knowledge of human anatomy to generate 3D reconstructions. Such reconstructions could help the detection process by providing a different way of visualizing the x-ray data to better investigate hard-to-diagnose regions.

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Christopher M. Koehler and Thomas Wischgoll. "Knowledge-Assisted Reconstruction of the Human Rib Cage and Lungs" IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Vol. 30 Iss. 1 (2010) p. 17 - 29 ISSN: 0272-1716
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