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Arbitration and the Multiparty Dispute: The Search for Workable Solutions
Iowa Law Review (1987)
  • Thomas J. Stipanowich, Pepperdine University
In this article, Professor Stipanowich explores the legal and practical problems associated with arbitration of commercial disputes involving multiple parties. He examines relevant legislation and judicial decisions as well as arbitration procedures aimed at facilitating consolidation of claims among multiple parties in a single arbitration hearing as well as joinder and “vouching in” of parties. He proposes the passage of legislation adapting provisions of the California Arbitration Act as a means of more effectively addressing these issues—a proposal that was later effectively adopted in a section of the Revised Uniform Arbitration Act.
  • multi-party arbitration; multi-party disputes,
  • consolidated arbitration,
  • consolidation,
  • joinder of parties,
  • California Arbitration Act,
  • Revised Uniform Arbitration Act
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Thomas J. Stipanowich. "Arbitration and the Multiparty Dispute: The Search for Workable Solutions" Iowa Law Review Vol. 72 (1987)
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