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The Ersu Shaba pictographic writing system
Asian Highlands Perspectives
  • Sun Hongkai
  • Mtsho mo skyid, Qinghai Normal University
  • Gerald Roche, Griffith University
  • Thomas Roche, University of Sohar
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The Ersu are a Qiangic people living in southern SìchuanProvince. A diminishing number of Ersu religious practitioners known as shaba employ a pictographic writing system described in Sun Hongkai's 1982 article that is the subject of this translation. An introduction provides background on Sun Hongkai and the theoretical framework he employs to describe the Ersu shaba pictographic writing system; additional footnotes and a map provide further context.
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Article Written by Sun Hongkai.

Translated by Mtsho mo skyid & Gerald Roche.

Introduction by Thomas Roche & Gerald Roche.

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Hongkai, S, Mtsho mo skyid, Roche, G & Roche, T 2009, 'The Ersu Shaba pictographic writing system', Asian Highlands Perspectives, vol. 1, pp. 159-186.

Article available on Open Access