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Low Gradient Permeability Measurements in a Triaxial System
  • H. W. Olsen
  • R. W. Nichols
  • Thomas L. Rice, Cedarville University
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  • Geology,
  • permeability,
  • triaxial system

Permeability measurements were conducted with the flow-pump method on sand, sandy silt and silty clay specimens in a conventional triaxial system by introducing and withdrawing water at known constant flow rates into the base of a specimen with a flow-pump, and by monitoring the head difference induced across the length of the specimen with a sensitive differential pressure transducer. The results show that the previously reported advantages of the flow-pump method, compared with conventional constant head and falling head methods, were realized for permeability measurements in conventional triaxial equipment.

Citation Information
H. W. Olsen, R. W. Nichols and Thomas L. Rice. "Low Gradient Permeability Measurements in a Triaxial System" Geotechnique Vol. 35 Iss. 2 (1985) p. 145 - 157
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