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Low Gradient Permeability Measurements in a Triaxial System
  • H. W. Olsen
  • R. W. Nichols
  • Thomas L. Rice, Cedarville University
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Permeability measurements were conducted with the flow-pump method on sand, sandy silt and silty clay specimens in a conventional triaxial system by introducing and withdrawing water at known constant flow rates into the base of a specimen with a flow-pump, and by monitoring the head difference induced across the length of the specimen with a sensitive differential pressure transducer. The results show that the previously reported advantages of the flow-pump method, compared with conventional constant head and falling head methods, were realized for permeability measurements in conventional triaxial equipment.
  • Geology,
  • permeability,
  • triaxial system
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H. W. Olsen, R. W. Nichols and Thomas L. Rice. "Low Gradient Permeability Measurements in a Triaxial System" Geotechnique Vol. 35 Iss. 2 (1985) p. 145 - 157
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