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The impact of college student immersion service learning trips on coping with stress and vocational identity
  • Brad A. Mills
  • Richard B. Bersamina
  • Thomas G. Plante, Santa Clara University
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Community College National Center for Community Engagement
This study examined the impact of service learning immersion trips on vocational identity and coping with stress among college students. Fifty-one students (15 males, 36 females) who participated in immersion trips and 76 students (25 males, 51 females) in a non-immersion control group completed a series of questionnaires directly before and immediately after both fall and spring break immersion trips, and during a four-month follow up. Results suggest that, after returning from an immersion trip, students report a greater ability to cope with stress and a somewhat stronger sense of vocational identity relative to students who do not participate in immersion trips.

Copyright © 2007 by authors. Originally published in The Journal of Civic Commitment.

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Mills, Brad A., Richard B. Bersamina, and Thomas G. Plante. "The Impact of College Student Immersion Service Learning Trips on Coping with Stress and Vocational Identity" The Journal for Civic Commitment 9 (2007): 1-8.