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Faith and Health: Psychological Perspectives
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  • Thomas G Plante, PhD, ABPP, Santa Clara University
  • Allen C. Sherman, PhD
This volume reviews and integrates the growing body of contemporary psychological research on the links between religious faith and health outcomes. It presents up-to-date findings from empirical studies of populations ranging from healthy individuals to those with specific clinical problems, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, and psychological disorders. Drawing on multiple perspectives in psychology, the book examines such critical questions as the impact of religious practices on health behaviors and health risks; the role played by faith in adaptation to illness or disability; and possible influences on physiological functioning and mortality. Chapters reflect the close collaboration of the editors and contributing authors, who discuss commonalities and differences in their work, debate key methodological concerns, and outline a cohesive agenda for future research.
Publication Date
The Guilford Press
Citation Information
Thomas G Plante and Allen C. Sherman. Faith and Health: Psychological Perspectives. (2001)
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