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Compassion Predictors in Undergraduates: A Catholic College Example
  • Erin S. Callister
  • Thomas G. Plante, Santa Clara University
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Springer US
Compassion is sorely needed in contemporary society, including within faith-based colleges. Past research has examined the prevention of compassion fatigue in healthcare professions, but relatively little research exists on the predictors of compassion, particularly among student populations. This study examines the factors associated with higher compassion levels in graduating college seniors, revealing demographic, experiential, and beliefrelated factors contributing to compassion. Results suggest that the general profile of a highly compassionate graduating college senior is a student who is female, politically liberal, religious, studying the natural or social sciences, actively involved in community service or volunteering, and who has undergone workshops on racial/cultural awareness and sensitivity.

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Callister, E. S., & Plante, T. G. (2017). Compassion Predictors in Undergraduates: A Catholic College Example. Pastoral Psychology, 66(1), 1-11.