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About Thomas Parchman

Thomas Parchman, clarinetist, came to Maine in 1984 as a result of a joint search between the University of Southern Maine and the Portland Symphony Orchestra. He holds the rank of Professor at USM, and has been the Principal Clarinetist with the PSO since his arrival. Dr. Parchman holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Southern California, a Master of Music from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor's degree in both Music Education and Performance from Southern Methodist University. His principal teachers have been Clark Brody (Chicago Symphony), Larry Combs (Chicago Symphony), Robert Marcellus (Cleveland Orchestra), and Mitchell Lurie (Chicago Symphony and soloist). As a clarinetist and saxophonist, Dr. Parchman performs music in a variety of styles from concerti, sonatas, chamber music, orchestra, ballet, and opera. He has been a member of the Spoleto Festival Orchestra since 1982, regularly performing with the finest musicians in Europe and the Americas.
Dr. Parchman teaches courses for the Music Education program and music appreciation to non majors. He also teaches private clarinet and coaches chamber ensembles.


Present Professor, Clarinet, University of Southern Maine

Contact Information

Phone: 207-780-5268