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About Thomas Matenjwa Kamau, Ph.D. MBA, MPA

Dr. Thomas Matenjwa Kamau is currently Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Coordinator of Health Services Administration Program, Ohio University, Zanesville and a member of the American College of Health Care Executives (ACHE).
Dr. Kamau is a highly competent, team-oriented and compassionate professional, equipped with strong qualifications honed over extensive working and teaching experience in diverse areas encompassing management and leadership of healthcare organizations, financial management, public health and U.S healthcare System. He also possesses extensive experience in research design, data collection, analysis and reporting, as well as monitoring and directing all aspects healthcare operations.
Dr. Kamau holds Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Health Sciences, School of Health and Medical Sciences, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) concentration in Accounting, Stillman School of Business, and a Masters of Public Services Administration (MPA) with a concentration in Health Policy and Management from Seton Hall University, New Jersey.
Dr. Kamau’s present research focusses on prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other emerging communicable diseases in the developing countries.


Present Assistant Professor of Health Sciences, Ohio University
Present Ohio University- Zanesville, Ohio University

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