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Multiple and Single Interaction Dyadic Research Designs
Faculty Publications
  • Thomas E Malloy, Rhode Island College
  • Linda Albright, Westfield State College
Conceptual and Analytic Issues
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Dept. of Psychology
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During the last 2 decades, psychologists increasingly have studied human interaction in a social rather than in an asocial context. Although this ecological approach to the study of social interaction signifies the vitality of social psychology, the design and analysis of this research presents challenges that are not encountered in an asocial context. This article surveys a set of multiple interaction designs and associated analytic strategies that permit estimation of individual and dyadic phenomena. In addition, new analytic approaches to the hierarchically nested dyadic design (a special case of the multiple interaction design) that is used in studies of personal relationships and behavior genetics are discussed. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR].
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Thomas E Malloy and Linda Albright. "Multiple and Single Interaction Dyadic Research Designs" (2001)
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