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Transformed Minds
Faculty Books
  • Marc A. Clauson, Cedarville University
  • Robert G. Parr, Cedarville University
  • Mark Caleb Smith, Cedarville University
  • Richard P. Tison, Cedarville University
  • Thomas S. Mach, Cedarville University
School or Department
History and Government

In this brief collection of essays, professors who teach in the Department of History and Government at Cedarville University explore the biblical foundation for the academic disciplines unique to their Department. The Excerpt (above) contains the full text of the book.

  • Cedarville,
  • Department of History and Government
Publication Date
Cedarville University

Each author contributed one chapter to this book.

Citation Information
Marc A. Clauson, Robert G. Parr, Mark Caleb Smith, Richard P. Tison, et al.. Transformed Minds. Cedarville, OH(2015)
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