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Quasi-Static Transduction Characterization of Galfenol
Ames Laboratory Conference Papers, Posters, and Presentations
  • Richard A. Kellogg, Iowa State University
  • Alison B. Flatau, University of Maryland - College Park
  • Arthur E. Clark, Clark Associates
  • Marilyn Wun-Fogle, United States Navy
  • Thomas A. Lograsso, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
ASME 2003 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
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(38.90723089999999, -77.03646409999999)
The objective of the work presented is characterization of the magnetoelastic transduction properties of single crystal and textured polycrystalline Fe-Ga alloys (Galfenol) under controlled mechanical, magnetic and thermal conditions. Polycrystalline samples of interest include a directionally solidified specimen, which possesses a favorable saturation magnetostriction output, and an extruded specimen, whose magnetostriction properties were significantly reduced by annealing. A brief discussion of the thermally controlled transducer used for the magnetic testing is presented first. Thereafter, the single crystal response to major-loop cyclic magnetic fields under different temperature and stress conditions, as well as its response to minor-loop cyclic magnetic fields and major-loop cyclic stress is examined. Next, the magnetic and magnetostrictive responses to major-loop cyclic magnetic field conditions are compared for the directionally solidified, extruded and single crystal specimens. The paper concludes with a magnetic characterization summary of the different Fe-Ga alloys examined.

This article is from ASME 2003 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 68 (2003): pp. 273-280, doi:10.1115/IMECE2003-43140

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers
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Richard A. Kellogg, Alison B. Flatau, Arthur E. Clark, Marilyn Wun-Fogle, et al.. "Quasi-Static Transduction Characterization of Galfenol" Washington, DC(2003)
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