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Pseudomorphic Growth of a Single Element Quasiperiodic Ultrathin Film on a Quasicrystal Substrate
Physical Review Letters
  • J. Ledieu, University of Liverpool
  • J. T. Hoeft, University of Liverpool
  • D. E. Reid, University of Liverpool
  • J. A. Smerdon, University of Liverpool
  • R. D. Diehl, Pennsylvania State University
  • Thomas A. Lograsso, Iowa State University
  • A. R. Ross, Iowa State University
  • R. McGrath, University of Liverpool
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An ultrathin film with a periodic interlayer spacing was grown by the deposition of Cu atoms on the fivefold surface of the icosahedral Al70Pd21Mn9 quasicrystal. For coverages from 5 to 25 monolayers, a distinctive quasiperiodic low-energy electron diffraction pattern is observed. Scanning tunneling microscopy images show that the in-plane structure comprises rows having separations of S=4.5±0.2  Å and L=7.3±0.3  Å, whose ratio equals τ=1.618… within experimental error. The sequences of such row separations form segments of terms of the Fibonacci sequence, indicative of the formation of a pseudomorphic Cu film.

This article is from Physical Review Letters 92 (2004): 135507, doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.92.135507.

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American Physical Society
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J. Ledieu, J. T. Hoeft, D. E. Reid, J. A. Smerdon, et al.. "Pseudomorphic Growth of a Single Element Quasiperiodic Ultrathin Film on a Quasicrystal Substrate" Physical Review Letters Vol. 92 Iss. 13 (2004) p. 135507
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