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Spontaneous generation of voltage in single-crystal Gd5Si2Ge2 during magnetostructural phase transformations
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  • Min Zou, Iowa State University
  • H. Tang, Iowa State University
  • Deborah L. Schlagel, Iowa State University
  • Thomas A. Lograsso, Iowa State University
  • Karl A. Gschneidner, Jr., Iowa State University
  • Vitalij K. Pecharsky, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
50th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
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(37.3393857, -121.89495549999998)
The spontaneous generation of voltage (SGV) in single-crystal and polycrystallineGd5Si2Ge2 during the coupled magnetostructural transformation has been examined. Our experiments show reversible, measurable, and repeatable SGV responses of the materials to the temperature and magnetic field. The parameters of the response and the magnitude of the signal are anisotropic and rate dependent. The magnitude of the SGV signal and the critical temperatures and critical magnetic fields at which the SGV occurs vary with the rate of temperature and magnetic-field changes.

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Min Zou, H. Tang, Deborah L. Schlagel, Thomas A. Lograsso, et al.. "Spontaneous generation of voltage in single-crystal Gd5Si2Ge2 during magnetostructural phase transformations" San Jose, CA(2006)
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