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Gewerkschaftsrechte in den U.S.A
Law Faculty of the University of Jena (2013)
  • Thomas C. Kohler, Boston College Law School

This lecture addressed the allowable limits of employer co-operation in union organization. Issues surrounding this theme have been of special concern to German unions and large German employers with “transplant” facilities in the U.S. German unions have put considerable pressure on German employers to co-operate with and to extend recognition to employee representatives in the American operations. At least some German employers also have a strong interest in adopting German-style representation structures in their workplaces in the U.S. The lecture addressed the topic in comparative perspective, and also spoke to current political and legal trends.

Publication Date
March, 2013
Citation Information
Thomas C. Kohler. "Gewerkschaftsrechte in den U.S.A" Law Faculty of the University of Jena (2013)
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