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Neutralitaet des Arbeitgebers im US-amerikanischen Arbeitsrecht?
Arbeit und Recht (2012)
  • Thomas C. Kohler, Boston College Law School

It is for workers alone to decide whether to organize for purposes of collective bargaining. However, this does not mean that employers are strictly obligated to remain neutral. Within the at times imprecise limits of Art. ?8(a)(1), an employer can mount a campaign against its employees’ efforts to organize. Once issues pertaining to this were quite dull – but they are no longer so today. Today, employer neutrality is a very lively and hotly contested topic. The NLRB has been heavily criticized by congressional Republicans; the future of its drafts and rules is hazy. The legitimacy of collective bargaining has entered a state of crisis in many ways. Employer neutrality is just one part of a larger and more complicated story. The question of what will come next is a grippingly serious and important one – not only for Americans.

Publication Date
April, 2012
Citation Information
Thomas C. Kohler. "Neutralitaet des Arbeitgebers im US-amerikanischen Arbeitsrecht?" Arbeit und Recht Vol. 60 Iss. 4 (2012)
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