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The Stages and Development of Mentoring Relationships
Handbook of Youth Mentoring (2005)
  • Thomas E. Keller, Portland State University
The stages and development of mentoring relationships The defining feature of youth mentoring is the personal relationship established between a young person and a caring, competent individual who offers companionship, support, and guidance. Conceptual models proposing how individuals might benefit from mentoring necessarily begin with the assumption that some type of relationship exists between the youth and mentor (Rhodes, 2002). Nevertheless, the development of the mentoring relationship itself rarely has been the object of study. A better understanding of the processes involved in the formation, maintenance, and conclusion of mentoring relationships holds promise for more effective intervention. With knowledge of the typical course in mentoring relationships, programs could anticipate challenges and provide supportive services at crucial junctures in the relationship. Promoting the sustained development of positive relationships is a primary goal because longer-lasting relationships tend to yield greater benefits for youth, while short-term relationships may have unintended negative consequences.
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David L DuBois; Michael J Karcher
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Thomas E. Keller. "The Stages and Development of Mentoring Relationships" Thousand OaksHandbook of Youth Mentoring (2005)
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