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About Thomas Canam

My research focuses on using plants for bioenergy and bioproduct applications. One aspect of my research involves using biotechnology
to tailor plant traits for specific applications, such as bioethanol production.
I am also interested in using bacteria and fungi as pretreatment agents of agricultural residues destined for biomass-to-bioenergy processes, such as gasification. At EIU, my research will complement the numerous green energy initiatives on campus, including the Renewable Energy Center ( and the Center for Clean Energy Research and Education (


Present GIS Faculty, Eastern Illinois University GIS
Present Professor, Eastern Illinois University Biological Sciences


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  • BIO 1500 - General Biology I
  • BIO 3120 - Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BIO 5333 - Bioenergy and Bioresources

Contact Information

Office: 2023 - Life Science
Phone: 2175816608

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