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About Thomas D. Barton

Ph.D. Cambridge University [law]
J.D. Cornell University
B.A. Tulane University [magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, political science]
Professor Barton came to California Western in 1990 from West Virginia University College of Law, where he was the Roscoe P. and Hale J. Posten Professor. In addition to teaching contracts law and problem solving topics, his interests in professional responsibility and the forms of social control reflects his expansive knowledge of the social, historical, and intellectual contexts of law.
Barton has published numerous articles and essays dealing with legal and political philosophy, legal sociology, and problem solving. During law school, he was a member of the Cornell Law Review. Barton practiced taxation and antitrust law in New York state before studying the common law as a problem-solving institution at Cambridge.


Present Coordinator, National Center for Preventive Law, California Western School of Law
Present Director, Louis M. Brown Program in Preventive Law, California Western School of Law
Present Louis and Hermione Brown Professor of Law, California Western School of Law


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