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About Thomas Orban

Thomas Orban is passionate about studying the mind, nature, healing and transformation.Thomas began his working career as a Computer Technician and pursued other technical career paths. Born with some natural healing abilities, later in life Thomas has developed and refined them.
In 2007 Thomas has become a practitioner in Calgary Alberta Canada after completing formal training in clinical hypnotherapy and started seeing clients all the way until January 2016.
Thomas has successfully treated a number of men and women for a variety of issues such as milder to medium cases of anxiety, anger, panic attacks, bullying, depression, worry, stress, insomnia, hypertension, smoking addiction, cravings, emotional issues, fears and phobias, flashbacks, guilt, shame, nightmares, obesity, porn addiction, abuse recovery (including rape victims; both female and male) and post traumatic stress disorder.
In 2004 Thomas was fortunate to met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in Toronto, Canada. After personally receiving his first Biofield Energy Healing Treatment/"Energy Transmission" from Guruji back in 2004, Thomas became more confident and he was able to move forward to reach greater heights in his career. Joined the Trivedi Master Wellness’ Healing Master’s program in 2013; with the help of Mr. Trivedi as a catalyst and the Trivedi Effect®, Thomas has been gifted with the ability to harness and transmit the Universal Life Force around the world and all of his previous process based work was no longer required.
Nowadays Thomas provides in-person and also remote energy transmissions to any location around the world when requested; available through Skype.


Research Interests

Biofield and Cell Biology

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