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About Thomas Belmaggio

Thomas Belmaggio, MS, ATC, CSCS is the Director of Sports Medicine at the Marshall Sports Medicine Institute (MSMI) and oversees concussion testing and research at MSMI. Tom is the featured staff for STACK Velocity Sports Performance Center.
According to Tom, “The technology has changed drastically in the last 10 years and continues to change. When we find equipment, technology or techniques that can better identify the after-effects of a concussion, reduce concussion symptoms or stop concussions from happening in the first place, we update our methods immediately to help our athletes.
“We may implement different styles of training with different groups, but in the end we want the same things. We want them to become more powerful. We want them to run faster and jump higher. We want them to build strength and gain flexibility and increase their agility. Athletes in every sport, at every age and at every skill level have the opportunity to improve their performance here,” trainer Tom Belmaggio said.
Belmaggio is a member of the Marshall University Athletic Training Staff.


Present Director, Marshall University Sports Medicine, Marshall University

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