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A Law Student’s Responsibility for a Liberal Education
Tex. Tech L. Rev.
  • Thomas E. Baker, Florida International University College of Law
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As a "student" alongside you, I have learned about the history and theory of the Constitution. Even after eight times teaching the basic course in Constitutional Law, how much this course has taught me is remarkable. I better understand the intellectual background of the Constitution, how it was written and ratified, and how the Framers themselves expected the Constitution to function as an experiment in self-government. My special thanks go to Professor Viator, a friend and a colleague, who has taught me a great deal. I have learned a great deal. My concern is that I have learned a great deal more than some of you, and my greater concern is why I have.

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Thomas E. Baker. "A Law Student’s Responsibility for a Liberal Education" Tex. Tech L. Rev. Vol. 20 (1989) p. 1153
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