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Unpublished Paper
Morphogrammatics of Reflection
  • Rudolf Kaehr
Turning back from the studies of morphogrammatics to some open questions of reflectional programming, the recountered problematics might be put into a different light and new methods of handling formal aspects of reflection and reflectionality shall be introduced. Albeit the use of light-metaphors, morphogrammatic reflection is not sketched along the paradigm of optical metaphors. Morphograms are presenting neither propositions nor perceptions able for mirroring (representation). Exercises in defining morphogrammatic retro-grade recursion and reflection schemata are continued from the paper “Sketches to Morphogrammatic Programming”.
  • morphogrammatics,
  • reflection,
  • recursion,
  • meta-programming
Publication Date
Winter November, 2010
Citation Information
Rudolf Kaehr. "Morphogrammatics of Reflection" (2010)
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