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Paul Feyerabend's Telegram
  • Rudolf Kaehr
6-page telegram from Paul Feyerabend (London) to Rolf Kaehr (Westberlin) Telegram 1 I am ill. Please let the seminar continue in my absence. Inform Prof Landmann and Prof Huebner, cancel the hotel reservation and read the following final message to my class on tuesday 1pm: I am sorry that I cannot give what Telegram 2 would have been my last lecture to you. In this lecture I would have elaborated on Verons argument and would have tried to show that it also excludes consience, self expression, identification. Turning back to the empiricist methodology and demand for theoretical unification I would have Telegram 3 shown how these two elements gave first, to a clearly defined and theoretically unobjectionable concept of witchcraft and then to systematic methods for the elimination of the wicked. It was the combined search for a coherent truth and for a simple good that was responsible for the Telegram 4 death of hundreds of thousands of innoncent people. Is it not advisable to once and for all cut the ground from underneath such excesses? Is it not better to have a patchwork of vague and rambling suggestions rather than a beautiful and coherent theoretical system? Is it Telegram 5 not better to be unsystematic and not to accept any one of the demands of theoretical excellence defended today? This is my question to you. And now thank for your kind interest in my unsystematic sermons, special thanks to the pretty girls who were and added Telegram 6 motive for making these sermons as entertaining as possible and always remember Cohn Bendit who says that "The revolution must be born of joy and not of sacrifice" . Paul Feyerabend Copyright 1968/2004 Rudolf Kaehr, ThinkArt Lab, Glasgow
  • against method,
  • Popper,
  • empirism,
  • axiomatics
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Rudolf Kaehr. "Paul Feyerabend's Telegram" (1968)
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