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We live to Create Dissonance: Can you be Racist and a Christian?
Journal of Belief and Values (2009)
  • Theron N Ford, John Carroll University

Confronted with the reality of the limited exposure to human diversity among their students at two Christian universities, two African American professors relate their efforts to prepare students to teach in the twenty-first century. This article is a reflective report on the strategies and events that occurred as a result of challenging students' long-held beliefs and attitudes. Strategies were deliberately provocative and disturbing, intended to create dissonance within the students related to Christian ideals and perceptions of non-European Americans. Ultimately, students confronted the question: "Is it possible to be a Christian and racist?"

Publication Date
August, 2009
Citation Information
Theron N Ford. "We live to Create Dissonance: Can you be Racist and a Christian?" Journal of Belief and Values Vol. 30 Iss. 2 (2009)
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